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Re: File Links Missing


Hi rtyk,

Please add the first issue to the list of the known issues of the importer (http://doc.tiki.org/Mediawiki+Importer#Known_issues). I confirm this problem. The importer does not handle this case and unfortunately I don't have time to fix it now.

Regarding the second issue. Maybe the problem is that namespaces are case insensitive in Mediawiki and Text_Wiki (the tool we use to parse wiki content) is not aware of that. Can you check that information?

If that is the case I can fix Text_Wiki. Should be an easy fix.

It will take some time for this fix to get into Tiki. So you can directly fix this problem adding 'media' to the array in line 120 of lib/importer/tikiimporter_wiki_mediawiki.php.


rtyk wrote:

I've run the importer several times and am getting some unexpected results regarding files. The files import correctly into the "wiki_up" folder however I've noticed TWO issues.
The first is pretty simple so I am just mentioning it here. WikiMedia handles spaces in filenames by replacing them with underscores, but leaves the display of the filename with spaces. The importer doesn't adapt to this so links are broken.

The second is a bit of a problem. A large number of our WikiMedia pages with non-graphics files look like this.


After import the Tiki code looks like this

{DL()} ((media:SomeFile.xls)) {DL}

The problem is that there is no link the file, so the page is broken. Any ideas on how I can fix this would be appreciated. Using TIKI 6.3 and WM 1.15.1