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How to configure and get a blog configured and categorized

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I'm creating blogs for users.

When creating a blog, we as an administrator, allocate the blog we create to a user. Lets call that user a *Blog manager* for the lack of definition. In doing so, the Blog Manager can then post news and content, etc. These Blog managers have subscribers who, right at registration *choose* to belong to the Blog manager group. In addition, my use case is so that users who registered choose different categories, fields of interrest.

Coming back to my problem of what and how I configure a blog I create for a *Blog manager*:

There are four check boxes to choose from.

By default, the boxes are:

Unchecked: Allow other users to post in this blog
Unchecked: If others post to blog, Author should always be Owner
Checked: Allow search
Checked: Allow comments

If I want to make the blog *compact* meaning that only registered people under the blog manager can interact (receive by email the blog posts, do I need to check or uncheck differently from the default setting. I want other registered members who are not registered to the blog I create for a choosen blog manager to see, in the *view blog roll* module I set up all the traffic circulating.

So, then comes the *categories*

There is a button that says: Select Categories at: /tiki-edit_blog.php#

Again, if I want to make the blog *compact* meaning only registered people under the blog mangager can interact (placing comments) under the blog they subscribed, do I need to check all the categories?

I don't understand the relationship between Groups I create and Categories.

Meaning that my Tiki is set up so that when a user registers, he choose a group and different categories. The group the user choose is important in my usecase and the categories are key words that intice registered users to discuss subjects (named categories).

(Makes sense, no sense)

I want to make sure that the Blog I create for a Blog manager is visible and accessible to all registered members, yet only those registered under the group of the Blog manager can post comments

In other words, I want to make sure that users registered *under* a group owner (the one I create the blog for, i.e. Blog manager) can:

a) Receive all blog posts they are registered in
b) Reply to these blog posts they receive; and most importantly
c) Everyone (even if they did not register under the group of the Blog manager, can see the blog titles circulate in the side module (It's call Blog Roll I think?). Yet, if a user does not belong to that group related with the blog roll they see, these users can not comment. These users can only see but not comment or post so that when they try to comment, they get a *message* saying: You must be registered with this group to post comments. To join this group, please go to xyz.

(The idea here is to intice users to joind a different group and make is easy for them to ask to change group)

My question is:

Based on the business rules mentionned above:

How do I set the categories: Do I check mark them *all*?

I want registered users to see all these blog posts.
I want registered users to join other groups so they can *visit the shopping basket* since thee idea is to *intice registered users to join other groups*

Since my use case scenario is that when a user wishes to join a different group, they must go through the shopping basket.

(OUF, like we say in French)


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You need a group for each 'blog manager'. Each user that will be able to post in the blog manager needs to belong to this group.
You need to set up a category for each 'blog manager'.
This category will have a tiki_p_blog_post for the group
The general permission tiki_p_read_blog must be associated to the group registered