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TOCs of 2 structures unintentionally melted together

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on a Tiki 6.3 installation, I have two structures C and D. I observe the following which I guess is not the intended behaviour of the TOC plugin:

The root page of structure D is not a node of structure C, but it happens to be linked to using the bracket syntax in a page which is a node of structure C (in its 2nd or 3rd level).

When I use the TOC plugin on the root page of C, it returns not only the table of contents for structure C, but the table also includes the table of contents for structure D.

This is not the intended behaviour of TOC — or is it? If it is: Can I turn it of somehow and restrict TOC to just return the table of contents based only on the nodes of the respective structure??

Any help help appreciated!
Thx. — Dan

posts: 26

This is kind of strange ... I justed checked structure C using tiki-edit_structure.php and found structure D indeed appended to the end of structure C (that is, structure D was entirely replicated as the tail of structure C).

I can only guess that something got messed when I moved three nodes from D to C, but those nodes where on the second level of both structures, so it should not have changed anything on the topmost level of the structure C.

After I deleted the unwanted tail of structure C, everything seems to be fine again now.

-- Dan

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