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Forum's permissions

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I want to give forum access (and I am) to registered users without them being able to delete posts.

On the admin panel, there are nine options to choose from and none is in regard to: Can delete forum posts

How would I go about it, which of the following option should I block in order for registered users to not be able to delete previous posts?

Anyone pls?

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Make sure that in Groups - Registered - Manage permissions - Forums, that you do not have the permission "Can admin forums {tiki_p_admin_forum)" checked. Without this permission, Registered members will not be able to delete any posts.

Another permission that you might want to take away is "Can edit own forum posts (tiki_p_forum_edit_own_posts)". If they have that permission, then they could edit one of their previous posts and replace the Post title and message, which is sort of like deleting the original post. But having "Can edit own forum posts" does not let them delete the post.

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There are multiple ways to assign permissions. My description above was for the Registered group's global permissions, but there are two other ways the Registered group could be getting the "Can admin forums" authority. The forum could have object permissions granted, or the forum could be in a category that has permissions granted.

First check the Forum object permissions. In the menu click on "Admin Forums" link which is under "Forums". The rows of forum names will have icons at the far right, one of which is a key. If the key is green, then permissions, which override the global permissions, have been granted. Click on the key and then make sure the "Can admin forums" permission is not checked for the Registered group.

If the problem permission was not checked for the forum object, then the permission may be coming through the forum's category permissions. Forums may be in more than one category, so first check to see which category or categories the forum is in. In the list of forums you get from clicking on "Admin Forums" link in the menu, click on the "edit" icon for the forum. Part of the way down the forum edit page is "Categorize", if the categories are not listed to the right, click on the "Select Categories" button, and then make note of which categories are selected.

Next, click on "Categories" link under "Admin" in the menu. On the Categories page click on the "Admin Category" tab at the top. This will list the categories, there will be a key icon for each category. If the key is green, then that category has permissions assigned which override the global permissions. Click on the key for the category, or categories, that the forum is categorized as and again make sure the "Can admin forums" is not checked for the Registered group.

In each of those places, you may also want to decide about the "Can edit own forum posts" permission too.


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So far I tested in 7
tiki_p_forum_post, tiki_p_forum_post_topic, tiki_p_forum_read
for registered
lets a user posts but not edit/delete
Adding tiki_p_forum_edit_own_posts will let a user edit his own post but not delete it - even if the user can empty the post

... so should be a bug soemwhere
btw: the image in the post can not be opened - another bug....

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I can't find the screen capture, sorry.

However I can tell you what I see:

In admin mode, the delete icon appears as it should

In registered mode where the setting should not allow deleting the post, the delete icon still apprears


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I had never tested forums in 7 before, so I did some tests. I tested with only global permissions (tiki_p_forum_post, tiki_p_forum_post_topic, and tiki_p_forum_read) granted to the Registered group and then logging in as two different users in the Registered group.

As a Registered user, I was not able to delete any posts, but I did find a problem with edit. When listing the forum's posts, even without the "tiki_p_forum_edit_own_posts" permission, the edit icon does appear after the post titles which were posted by that user. And the edit icon does allow the user to edit their own posts. So there is a problem that you can edit your posts without the "tiki_p_forum_edit_own_posts" authority.

The edit icon within the post's display is controlled by "tiki_p_forum_edit_own_posts", if you have that authority then the edit icon appears within the post, if you do not have that authority, it does not appear. The only problem is that it appears and is active in the list of posts, whether you have that authority or not.


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The version I use is with 6.

Do you need to know exactly which version?

Also note a reply I did to previous post:

Remember when the original install was made, a regression of themes was done.

Today, the *image gallery* menu still appears even if we're using the file gallery.

Could there be a relation with this bug, meaning that the original install was kinda done twice?


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Two things:

a) Remember when the original instal was made, a regression of themes was done.

Today, the *image gallery* still appears in the menu option even if we're using the file gallery.

Could there be a relation with this bug, meaning that the original install was kinda done twice?

b) Should I log a tracker for this bug on the *bug tracker* side


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In my description of how to check if Registered users had the global permission "Can admin forums (tiki_p_admin_forum)", I assumed the "Assign global permissions" page worked, but I have found that in both 6.3 and 7.1 the permissions that are checked may NOT show as checked, depending on which groups are selected for the display.

For example: On the Assign global permissions page in 7.1, if I have Anonymous and Registered groups selected, permissions that are checked for Registered only do not show as being checked. But if I select just the Registered group, then the Registered group permissions that are checked correctly show up as checked.

With this bug of not correctly showing which permissions are checked, you may actually have given the Registered group the "Can admin forums (tiki_p_admin_forum)" but are not able to see that it is selected.

Here is a process using phpMyAdmin that will show you if you have assigned the tiki_p_admin_forum permission, and which groups it has been granted to.

Open phpMyAdmin for your Tiki Database. (On my hosting account, which uses Plesk, this means logging in to Plesk, clicking on the domain name, clicking on "Databases" option, clicking on the Tiki database name, and then clicking on "DB WebAdmin".)

Once phpMyAdmin is open, click on the "users_grouppermissions" table. Then click on the "SQL" tab and enter the query:

SELECT * FROM `users_grouppermissions` WHERE `permName` = 'tiki_p_admin_forum'

(Note that there are back tics around the table and column names and apostrophes around the permission.)
And then click on the "GO" button.

If any groups have been granted "Can admin forums (tiki_p_admin_forum)", then the group name and that permission will be listed. If a group is listed that should not have that permission, they you can use the red X icon to delete that table row, and that will take away that permission from that group.

You can do the same process for the table users_objectpermissions:

SELECT * FROM `users_objectpermissions` WHERE `permName` = 'tiki_p_admin_forum'

And for the table users_permissions:

SELECT * FROM `users_permissions` WHERE `permName` = 'tiki_p_admin_forum'