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TW7.0: Is Facebook Integration actually working?

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I'm trying to get the Facebook integration working in an installation of Tiki 7.0 (Fedora 14, Apache 2.2.17, MySQL 5.1.56, PHP 5.3.6) with no apparent success.

Facebook has apparently changed their workings regarding the apps; on their page https://developers.facebook.com/apps they now address »AppID« and »API Key« to be the same thing, namely the integer that used to be the AppID.

Tiki 7.0 still has two distinct fields for the two values on tiki-admin.php?page=socialnetworks, as described on http://doc.tiki.org/Social+Networks .

So, does the »AppID/API Key« value presented by Facebook now go into *both* those two fields of Tiki 7.0 social network admin panel? Or only into one? And if so, which one?

When I enter the »AppID/API Key« of Facebook into both fields of the mentioned Tiki admin panel, I seem to be unable to authorize with Facebook using the dialogue tiki-socialnetworks.php?request_facebook=true – at least I guess so, because I'm not presented with any confirmation or error report – i can only see that Epiphany signals it loads something, but then stops loading and the dialogue remains unchanged.

Any attempt to post on the Facebook pinboard in question using the Tiki machinery (Shoutbox) remains unsuccessful without any appearent error report, although the social networking privileg for the group the user belongs to is set.

Also, the german Tiki documentation at http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Soziale+Netzwerke&no_bl=y says »Dieses Feature integriert beliebte soziale Netzwerke (im Moment nur Twitter) in Tiki.« (»This feature integrates wellknown social networks (only Twitter for the time being) into Tiki.«)

Any light shed onto this topic is greatly appreciated … :-)

Thx – Dan.

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I got the same issue. I tried putting the ID number in both the ID spot and the Key spot, but no success. Hope something comes up.

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Regarding: https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=41846, I have posted a patch in r37630+r37635+r37640 in Tiki 7.x branch and r37630+r37634+r37639 in trunk, to use GET instead of POST.

Put the Application Secret into the API key as well.

This is the commit you can reproduce to your 7.1 to get it to work:

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