How to input links at the top bar?

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Ι use Tiki version 6.2 and i want to input links at the top bar like this-->

link top bar

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In Tiki 6.2, such links can be added as the "secondary site menu". On the Look and Feel admin page (tiki-admin.php?page=look), under the General Layout options tab, find the second text input box, labeled (in English anyway) "Secondary site menu custom code". You can enter menu syntax such as {menu id=45 css=y type=horiz} or HTML to create links.

-- Gary

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Yes I did it it was easy. When i use the translation, i use from google translate because when i choose tiki translation i have this message "This text was automatically translated by Google Translate from the following page: Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware"

Dionisis Ter.

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Gary can i ask you something? The advertising templates that you have below your post "free-css.com" can i use this templates for tiki?

Thanks dionisis!

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