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Hi ibrrorg,

I wrote the importer a few years ago as my Google Summer of Code project. At that time 1.14 was the latest Mediawiki version (using version 0.4 of the XML file).

As you have noticed, earlier versions of Mediawiki use a new version of the XML file that is not supported by our importer.

As far as I know there is no one planning to update the importer in the near future. I would like to but this is a too bigger task for me to do in my free time.

Tiki is a community based project. Please considering contributing to update the importer either by supporting it financially (by hiring one of Tiki consultants http://info.tiki.org/Consultants) or coding it if you are a developer.

See also http://tiki.org/Donation

ibrrorg wrote:

Tiki 7.1/MW 1.17: I get an error (0.5 XML importer incompatible) when I try to import from my Mediawiki install or even Wikipedia. Will this be updated? The last update only brought it to MW 1.14. Would be nice as many folks have MW set ups and would like to import and switch to TikiWiki.