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Architecture / Installation

Re: invalid login after upgrading from 6.2 to 7.2

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waterglass wrote:

I upgraded Tikiwiki from version 6.2 to 7.1 using fantastico, and now I get the invalid login error message for all users. After 20 invalid login attempts I get an email asking me to verify my account. The link in the email logs me in and an I have admin rights again. The upgrade installed without any errors. Would someone instruct me on how to fix this?

I logged out all users and did a database check via mySQL admin which came out okay. Non-admin uses could login, but the admin could not. I changed the admin password via user admin in tikiwiki and now the admin can login without an error. Strange.

The password generator does not follow the rules for passwords set in the user admin panel. If numbers are required, the generator does not always produce passwords with numbers. If special characters are required the password generator does include these characters. It took about a dozen tries to get a password that meets all the requirements.