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NOT EQUAL TO or NOT LIKE behavior with filtervalue in PluginTrackerList

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Can you have a NOT EQUAL TO or NOT LIKE behavior with filtervalue in PluginTrackerList?

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I can't see how to make LIST work for my purpose. Maybe I just don't understand it...

Here are a pair of closely related item I'm trying to work out. Maybe someone can help.

1 - Listing addresses of all active members

I have a tracker for members of our club. One of the fields is "Membership Level", which is of type UserGroups. The groups of interest are:

1 - Full
2 - Associate
3 - Junior
4 - Honorary

All these inherit permissions from Group = "Active"

Filtering on "Active" does not work, as it apparently does not look at child groups with respect to permissions (a wish list item, perhaps). So I have to use the TrackerList plugin 4 times, filtering on each level in turn. It would be nice if I could do an "OR" search, like:
"Full" OR "Associate" OR "Junio" OR "Honorary"

Incidentally, I'm using a wiki page as a template to get the results into a three-column table in the hope that labels can be printed by either a)convert to a pdf or b) copy-paste into a word processor.

TrackerList uses templates, but I don't see that List does.

2 - List of addresses based on mailing preference

Another field in the tracker is "Newsletter Delivery", which is of type RadioButton. The values are Post,Email,Both,None.

Now if I want to generate a list of mailing addresses for all active members that want the newsletter mailed to their home, I need to do the four queries above twice - once each for "Post" and for "Both".

I have to do those four queries twice again to generate a list of email addresses for those that want it by email - once each for "Email" and for "Both". This time I'm using a wiki template that separates the emails with a comma.

That's eight queries instead of two, and I can't sort the results in each set of four queries (lesser issue).

I'm hoping there is a better way. Does anyone know of one?

A workaround would be for me to change the name of the groups to:


and set filtervalue = "Active*"

But it would be better if this were not necessary.

I'm still a newbie with tiki. Is there a solution I'm not seeing?

If not, would a feature request for the filtervalue to allow Booleans be a reasonable one?

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Marc Laporte wrote:

Sounds reasonable to me :-)

OK, I'll make a wish wink

Now the (rhetorical) question is, how many reasonable requests are already in the backlog. I manage a portion of my companies software product, and I have enough "reasonable requests" to keep me busy for a very long time rolleyes

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The workaround I mentioned above does not work. It appears that filtervalue (LIKE) does not work on fields of type UserGroup.

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