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Re: How do I send a blog post to a list of users I registered myself in tiki-adminusers.php

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How to manage your registered users

Let's say your using another mail communication list system and you want to migrate your contacts to your tiki site. And let's say there are not too many (less than 50, 100 top) and you want to do the migration manually.


The process is fairly simple. It may take you a while but it's simple. Here is the capture screen of the Admin Users panel named: tiki-adminusers.php

Fields to fill

User: Make up a name or use your contact's real name
Password (required): Enter a password, easy for the user who will receive the email to remember and recognise
Repeat Password: Of course, copy/paste here will make your life easier
Email: Enter the email address of the user

Which check box should be ticked on or off

By default, you'll notice that the "Send an email to the user in order to allow him to validate his account"
When you press enter is ticked on.
This means the person who owns the email address will receive a notification that looks very basic. Click on this thumbnail bellow.

How to modify the automated email message

Is it possible to modify these automated messages? Where are we changing the automated text?