Theme TheNews v6.7

We're in the process of upgrading from TW4.3 to 6.7. We've been happily using TheNews with v4.3. However with 6.7 various of our users (including myself) are experiencing seemingly random rendering issues across multiple browser/platforms pairings, but particularly with IE7 & IE8 but not exclusively so.

Is the theme "TheNews" bundled with each version of TW or should our sys admin be downloading an updated version to use with v6.7? If so from where please? Unlike many other theme pages http://themes.tiki.org/TheNews doesn't have a list of version specific download options.

Thanks in anticipation,



TheNews.css is bundled in Tiki so there is no other download.

If you can help solve the issues and Commit back, that would be awesome.



Thanks for the confirmation. As I said the issues seem random. If we get one that become reproducible at will, I'll be sure to report back.

Thanks again.

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