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Plugin Category - display limited to 50 objects, wont show all objects.

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Using tiki8.1. I'm using PluginCategory to keep track of who is required to approve each document (flagged revisions) on my site.

Code is:
{category id="35" showdescription="y" showtype="n" one="y" sort="name_asc"}

Problem is that I have about 65 objects in this category, but cannot get the plugin to display more than 50.

All objects show if I view the category (myurl/tiki-browse_categories.php?parentId=35). Depending on how I sort the plugin, I can see all objects, but not more than 50 at a time.

Any idea what limits the display to 50? I need to open up this limit so that my users can see all documents "assigned" to them for flagged revision approval.

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Try tiki-admin.php?page=look -> Pagination

But I suspect it may be hard-coded.

M ;-)

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I checked in lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_category.php

Adding maxRecords="100" should work.

Best regards,

M ;-)

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Once again Marc saves the day. Thanks man. Big help.

Changing maxRecords in lib changes the defaults, but I figured out you can also add maxRecords="xxx" as an attribute of the plugin. I didn't notice that you could set maxRecords until I used the Plugin Edit Window where it is an option. No mention of this parameter on the docs page.

I revised the docs show this parameter and how to change default setting in lib.

Thanks again!!!

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Thanks for updating the docs!

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