Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Totally Blank

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A few days, I came home and my wiki (v8.1) website

Showed a totally blank screen.
Whatever page I (directly) call on, the screen stays blank!

I have limited php/mysql knowledge and I have no idea where to look.

I downloadeed 9.1 and uploaded to my site, but also calling the the install page... gives a blank result. (probably a studid thing to do, but I thought when the problem was caused by a corrupt page it would be repaired)

- What can I do?
- Who will take look?


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Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (32MB) 64M

I put mem size on 64M, a long time ago.

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I downloaded and ran tiki-check

I have now a large result page in front of me.

It has some errors in it, but as far I can see nothing which would crash my site.

Would also be very strange, as I am the only adminitrator and the onlu one with ftp access.

The only thing I can think of is something in a page (what does not agree with tiki) what is recently (last day changed) but in phpadmin, (MySql) I can't find the recent changes of the last day.

What next?

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Are your error messages activated? (What does Tiki Check report?)

M ;-)

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This has happened to me a number of times on older versions (thought not 8 or 9), after I'd attempted to show an external RSS feed in a module, though it's occasionally happened after other changes.

Note that I am not an expert like Rick Sapir or Marc Laporte and I'd listen to them before you listen to me. I'd also wait until one of them has read this and says yay or nay on it. But if you get really stumped, this may be an angle.

My solution has been to get into the My SQL database and look for the field that held the RSS link (or whatever the last thing I changed was -perhaps an admin config value) and delete the field's data of what I typed. Then the site would usually come back just fine.

Now finding the field can be a pain, even if you know what field you are looking for, but if you remember what you were doing just before it crashed you can probably poke around and find it by examining the table names and perusing the fields in that table. You'll edit the field data by deleting the data in it -not the field! That sounds dangerous and it is if you delete the wrong thing like php code, so be sure you are looking at what you actually typed in.

Again, I'm, not the knowledgeable one here.

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Tiki Check is very clear: "Your memory_limit is at 64M. This is known to cause issues! You should raise your memory_limit to at least 128M, which is the default of PHP."

M ;-)

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Not for version 8.3.
Further I have small pages.
Limited modules load. (No video, no big imgages, no caroussel, just wiki pages, calendar and mini chat.)
And small server load. (Maybe 3 users at the same time)

Further I have run this wiki for over 6 months now.
Recently I changed NOTHING
I am the only one with ADMIN rights

So, somebody changed something in the site, regarding the menus (standard loading) and caused some write error in the dbase.
Or something like that.

''But to proove, my point, I changed to 128M in php.ini....
No change.''

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I removed some "red" messages, by editing php.ini. No Change.
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On your tiki-check.php, I see:

Error reporting information Partly You will not get all errors reported as your error_reporting level is at 22519. This is not necessarily a bad thing (and it might be just right for production sites) as you will still get critical errors reported, but sometimes it can be handy to get more information. Check your error_reporting level in php.ini in case of having issues.

Can you change to report all errors?


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Can you give me the exact line to add?
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error_reporting = E_ALL

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That is what I added in php.ini, but it keeps giving partly.

Then I added:

in tiki-check.php,

but still, keeps giving that partly message.
(allthough the number has changed from 22k to 30k)

But I do not see any changes.

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Did you restart Apache?

I suggest you ask your webhost or search for this for your system configuration (if you manage the server).

Until you can activate the error messages for your PHP, this is just all a shot in the dark.

Best regards,

M ;-)

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Where can I find error logs (if any)?
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That is a question for your web host. It depends on the system, and this beyond the scope of Tiki.

M ;-)

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I was referring if there was a tiki error logfile.

Isn't also possible to give some error output (for future version)
Unable to load Tiki, error in - language.php
Unable to load Tiki, error in dbase - wiki_pages

So you have some clue where to look.

I see no other solution then to install a fresh Tiki and try to migrate the existing dbase, hopefully not copying the error.

or a debug parammeter.
which creates a txt file with an output of every succesfull loaded part.

Like index.php -debug

language.php loaded ok!
....... loaded ok!

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