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Batch upload zip file contents in sequential order

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I would like to be able to batch upload zip file to a file gallery with the file contents of the zip files that or in order.

For example.

if I am creating a "how to" page with screenshots, I save my screenshots as scr01.png, scr02.png, scr03.png, scr04.png, etc following the sense of the how to..

I zip them up, and when when I batch upload the zip file, the are randomly unzipped or assigned a file ID.

scr01.png = FileID 04
scr02.png = FileID 02
scr03.png = FileID 01
scr04.png = FileID 03

therefore when editing the text, instead of typing in order

click here
img fileId="01"
type blah
img fileId="02"
click Ok
img fileId="03"
Click Finish
img fileId="04"

I have to manually click on the "File" icon and then browse the correct gallery and then the select the desired image.

This process greatly reduces the efficiency of editing a page with multiple successive file/image attachments. Instead of manually typing & logically augmenting the file ID sequentially knowing that it will be the next screenshot in order, you have to do several mouse clicks to chose the correct image/file, if you have a zip file with a hundred or so screenshots, this task becomes extremely burdensome.

If there is a way to batch upload zip file where the contents in order could you please let me know how this can be achieved.

alternatively, I can batch upload 7 images to an image gallery at once, at least the files are in order, however if I am understand, this module will be done away with, therefore a solution to my request is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Perhaps it would be faster to use the new Screencast feature?

Best regards,

M ;-)

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Hi Marc,

I do appreciate your response,

however, I am using the stable v9 version and upgrading to v10 won't be possible.

I really need to determine if it's possible in ordering the uploaded files, not a faster method of uploading them.

Would you know what mechanism controls this with the batch upload?

Many thanks


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