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Happy New Year ;-)

I run two different tiki installs on two hosting providers. When I carry out the server compatibility check I get a number of "amber" and "red" flags for a number of server setting reasons.
I've approached both hosting companies who are unwilling to change their server settings because I run on a shared server and they don't want to upset their other users who use the same server.
One solution they suggested is to use "SetNet PHPRC" in the htaccess and use a php.ini file in my public_html directory to locally control the server settings. This hasn't worked.

Can anyone recommend a hosting company who's server settings are compatible to running v9.3. Idealy on a shared server; I don't want to go to the expense of a dedicated server.



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I'm going to answer my own question. There's a page in tiki.org on this very subject. A bit dated but a start.



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Hi Tamara!

Tiki Server Check is still quite new. We will be tweaking the warning messages. Some, like default_charset and date.timezone seem too stern to me. I have seen Tiki work fine on some servers with "red" and "amber" flags.

Can you share what warnings you are getting and what your host is saying?


M ;-)

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The warnings I'm getting on running the server check are as follows in bold. The response I've got from my host provider when I challenged them on the settings are shown in italics.

Perhaps you could comment as to whether their responses are valid.

ByteCode CacheOur shared web hosting servers run ZendGuard and the ionCube loader for PHP encoding as we have found these encoding systems to be the most generally used encoding systems. Unfortunately, those loaders are not mutually compatible with APC, and thus APC cannot be enabled on our shared web hosting systems. Tikiwiki can run without APC.

memory_limit -- Our server default value for MySQL processes' memory limit is 128MB. This setting is put in place to help ensure MySQL scripts do not over-utilize our system resources

magic_quotes_gpc -- This option is enabled by default on our server, as our clients require magic_quotes_gpc to be enabled more often than disabled.
default_charset__ — as above, our MySQL server does not have UTF-8 set as its default character set; however, this option can be adjusted as a per-database option, or in your php.ini file (currently reads as ";default_charset = "UTF-8"" — change this to "default_charset = "UTF-8"" to adjust the option)

fileinfounfortunately, this custom PHP extension cannot be enabled on our shared web hosting servers. Tikiwiki should run without that extension, but you will not be able to use the "Validate uploaded file content" option.

Image Magickif you find your installation is having any trouble using GD, please let us know and we will be happy to escalate your request to our system administrators; they may be able to enable Image Magick's PHP module on this server for you.

LDAPunfortunately, our shared web hosting servers do not support Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

memcacheSimilarly to APC, memcache cannot be installed on a system at the same time as ZendGuard and ionCube. Tikiwiki can run without this option enabled.

upload_tmp_dirThe default tmp directory for PHP is not accessible via the web. Tikiwiki should be able to run successfully with that configuration.

exec/passthru/shell_exec/allow_url_fopenThese functions can be disabled by adding them to your php.ini file. As they are required by some website softwares, they are not disabled by default on our shared web hosting servers.
curl_exec/curl_multi_exec__ — These functions are required by some Tikiwiki features. However, if you would like to disable it you can do so by adding it to your php.ini file.

parse_ini_file/show_sourceSimilarly, these functions can be disabled by adding them to your php.ini file. As noted by Tikiwiki's warning, doing such may be entirely unnecessary.