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trackerlist filtering by numeric values "in between"

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I'd like to filter a trackerlist by a numeric value "in between".
i. e. I got a field "km" with numeric values and want to show all entries which have a value bigger then 100 and less then 200 in field km. How this can be done?

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Thanks Marc for the fast repy biggrin

So I can use more of them at the same time (in the same trackerlist statement)? How is the syntax? What I got is

{trackerlist trackerId="6" fields="44:45:46:47:48:50:51" ...filterfield="44" exactvalue="lessequal(259)" ...

to cut the trackrlist in two parts. could I use

...filterfield="44" exactvalue="greater(125)" exactvalue="lessequal(259)"...

to get only trackeritems with values between 125 and 159 in field 44?

I think I tried once but it didn't work out for me.

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I don't know.

If you try just one, does it work?

Best regards,

M ;-)

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The first line of code with just one filtefield/exactvalue does work perfectly. What I'm searching is to limit the items to a specified range with upper and lower limit.
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Yes, I understand what you are trying to do. So I don't know if it's something that it was never designed to do, of if it's possible with a different syntax.

Here are the commits, so you can look for hints:

Best regards,

M ;-)

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sorry - not a coder :-(
maybe one of the coders from this like sylvieg who put in the code for lessequal, less... in 2010 can tell more. But it looks that this is really flat programmed and allows only one criterium, no recursive action which would be needed for more than this.
You know how to contact sylvieg?

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Today I wanted to change my tracker filter to filter for two values - a text and an ID range. As I saw that there was never a solution posted to this thread, here it is.

In order to filter for two fields do something like this: filterfield=>7:9
In my case field 7 is a username and field 9 a tracker element ID.

To specify the values for those two fields you can do like this: exactvalue=>user:greaterequal(63)&less(1000)
Here "user" is the value corresponding to field 7 and the statement after the colon the value range for the tracker element ID.

The whole line could look something like this:
TRACKERLIST(trackerId=>3, fields=>9:8, filterfield=>7:9, exactvalue=>user:greaterequal(63)&less(1000),)

Hope this helps anyone

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also works like this:
TRACKERLIST(trackerId=>3, fields=>9:8, filterfield=>7:9:9, exactvalue=>user:greaterequal(63):less(1000),)


But it takes a textual filtering other than a numeric filtering in version 6.0!
ie:100,40,30,200,5 greater(20)may have result 30,40,5
somebody know this problem?