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I understand that my question is really general, so I'll expose my case to precise my need.

I start customizing me a new Theme. To do that I that a official provided theme at the installation and make a new CSS and TPL source code (in it's own style folder ;-)

I did a quite nice job for a first try but it the still have some elements that need to be customized like in my Wiki Page list, I want to change the color of the hyperlinks in the table (www.astronomia.ca)

The issue I don't have a clue which CSS class or id this table is related to.

In the same idea, does it have a place that explain the different TPL used in TIKI ? Their purpose? Their relationship between them? From a web page wichi one is used ?

So my need to more understand how Tiki is structured to be able to navigate in the different CSS or TPL pages to find what I need to redefine in my theme to do what I want. Does it have Tutorial for that some where ?

Thank you

United States

First, I highly recommend taking a look at the Tiki Themes site (http://themes.tiki.org). There's lots of good stuff there.

As for your specific questions, to determine which CSS style to modify, you can use a tool such as Firebug (for Firefox) or Developer Tools (for IE). This chapter in my "Tiki Essentials" book may help.

To determine which template (TPL) file to modify, you can use the Smarty template usage indicator on the Admin Look & Feel page. Again, "Tiki Essentials" has a pretty good writeup.


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