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Architecture / Installation

Unable to log into site (noob)

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Hi all

I recently set up my first Tiki site. After playing around with the settings I have ended up unable to log in.
It happened after I enabled login with e-mail. First I thought I just put the wrong admin e-mail so I executed an update command on the database giving login, email and password to the admin account, but still I can't get in.

I also enabled require e-mail confirmation by new users, which was a bad idea since my friend who is hosting the site later told me that the server doesn't work with SMTP.

Please give some good advice of what to do!

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Thanks for the reply! But I have no login_is_email in tiki_preferences.

Here is the full list

name value
smarty_notice_reporting n
error_reporting_level 2039
https_login disabled
sender_email some@thing.else
browsertitle Brainstorm Archive
style jqui.css
sitelogo_title The Inspired Knowledge Pool
sitelogo_alt Brainstorm Archive
sitetitle Brainstorm Archive
sitesubtitle The Inspired Knowledge Pool
wiki_show_version y
gal_use_lib gd
feature_user_watches y
change_theme n
sitelogo_src img/brains/bigbrain.gif
style_option NULL
available_styles a:1:{i:0;s:0:"";}
wikiHomePage Home
feature_wiki_pageid y
site_favicon img/brains/smallbrain.png
error_reporting_adminonly n
server_timezone UTC
display_timezone UTC
internal_site_hash ...
feature_challenge y
rememberme all
remembertime 2629743
pass_diff_username n
wikiplugin_backlinks y
log_tpl n
feature_switch_ssl_mode n
feature_show_stay_in_ssl_mode n
language en

My friend with the server is also saying: "I'm starting to give up on that whole user_users table. It's retarded. Fourteen different types of passwords and the hash that is generated by the md5-command does not match the user that is created."

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Nothing in the prefs stick out.

So make a backup and then:

Here are 6 prefs related to logins. I suggest you delete them so the system will revert to the defaults once the cache is cleared.


Then, try running through tiki-install.php again and make sure to choose "upgrade" and not "re-install" (which will wipe your data)

The last step of the installer will clear your cache. Perhaps this will help.

Best regards,

M ;-)