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Features / Usability

Article Topics could do with an overhaul

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Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong forum, but looked the most suitable from the Descriptions.

I've got trucks of content flowing to one of my sites at the moment which is great. However, I find the ->Articles->Admin->Topics are a bit limiting in terms of Management. Limitations as follows bascialy.

  1. Cannot Edit Article Topics once created.
  2. Cannot assign new image once created.
  3. Deleting Topics deletes the articles in that topic. Would be nice if it promted you to move them another topic if desired.



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Great new about the content flow! The 3 issues there are all addressed in 1.8. However after my bug fixing frenzy (see ReleaseProcess181 page) Id either grab the CVS code or wait for 1.8.1, and before anyone asks no, I dont know a release date confused