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OK, I understand

Now that you pointed me to the last categories.
When I browse through this key word categories page is that there are so many of them that I wonder how and who is creating them.

Are these keywords "machine" generated or someone actually created all of them?

Keywords created

Machine or manual creation?

If these categories are machine generated, how do they get created? Or actually, where can I go to create one of my own?

Example number one

I'm interrested in video clips being done the wiki way. Where can I go or what should I do to get a "Video" category keyword created? I went to the said page and I can not edit that page.

Can you help me get a categoy be created?

What I need to see on this Category Keyword page is a place where I will quickly find My Category!

Another example

Another weird thing I found is this:
When I visit this Category Keyword page I find a lot of of this and not a lot of that. What I mean here is that this Category File page shows only 7 pics whereas other categories shows 200 choices of keywords. Is this normal taht 7 pics found their place into the "Category World"?

I see, so far a side link that helps me jump from the doc area to Featured Links