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Back to Search engine subject, I have a friend to whom I want to ask him to fix the search engine.

He did one fix for me and he is comfortable with this kind of backend work.

My options are limited. The Tiki advanced search engine is by far superior to the old one that was installed in v. 6x

Having said that, here is what I'm going to ask him and please tell me if I'm missing something:

BTW, I'm using v.11 (Is v11 LTS? or would you recommend I get an upgrade done to 12?)

1- Read this page to understand what's at stake:


2- Choose the one I like: Zend_Search_Lucene

Q: This is the advanced one, correct? I don't want to go into your Java elastic tests being done in v.12. All I want in fact is my search engine back to what it was before.

3. Read this Zend_Search_Lucene best practice article and configure the search engine.
He can document his results into this article info page

4. Follow the rest of the instructions written by Marc above mentionned and place our results on this dev page

5. Post comments and questions, document on the wish list dev tracker

Am I missing something?