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Re: Recording different RDatas for different users

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Thanks Xavi,

I see that with the new version (v0.86) when creating a new item, a new folder is created in the cache (ex. R__itemid_000428), and regardless the user who executes this item, different Rdata's are created in the same folder. That's ok and works perfectly.

The problem, in my case, is that I'd need to have different folders (or files) for each user, since each user has its each "own" items.

For example, imagine that "user1" executed pluginR with item001. Then a RData would be saved (user1.Rdata). Then, imagine that the same user1 executed pluginR with item002. Then I would like to keep using the same RData (user1.Rdata) in order to create a "historic results" for this user1.

That's the reason I would need to specify, using commands in R, the command "save as" the name of the current user.

Sorry for the mess!