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Yes, it did help.

Tks for the info. Yet, I'm far, far away from knowing how to create a tracker. I want and need to learn how to create a tracker that will register new "interested parties in the tv field".

Here is what I did and you'll need to help me a bit fix what I did not do that I should have done.

1) I read (and re-read) your instructions. They're pretty clear btw. I understood. WoW. Tks so much for your help.

2) I applied the step by step procedure you wrote down. Therere I created:

a) module

b) menu visibility of the trigger mechanism (I'm not sure I succeeded on this one tough)

c) category permission access to the object. ( I totally got lost there. Specially knowing that which is written bellow)

3) Where did I get stuck

I created a new category named: Im the center aka Major Studio

We can find it on tv.tiki.org at:


After I created the said category, I kept getting a "Move objects between categories"

You can see what I did at: http://tv.tiki.org/tiki-edit_categories.php

Oh, btw, I choose "Pretty Tracker Templates" as I remember a bit about the power of Pretty Trackers and we have to remember that the purpose of this excercise:

4) What's love got to do with it: why bother ;-)

I got so lost in the admin panel that I was thinking about Tina Turner signing under the rain her big hit ;-)

Torsten, please remember the purpose of this exercise: The purpose of this exercise is to create a registration form typical for the tv.tiki.org. That registration form will self identify the registrant and show him a menu that is specific to his "raison d'être" (purpose)

That registration form must address "all needs". By "all needs met" I mean that those users coming to visit tv.tiki.org want or identify themselves as being part of the movie making industry. For example, let's say I'm a "frustrated low level job behind the scene prop specialist guy" (LOL) moving lights on top of a ceilings all day and "I have a movie idea I want to see done that will change the way movies are being done"!.

Therefore, I "placed myself in the shoes of someone working in the movie making business" (i.e. someone working in Hollywood for a major studio) and created a category named: Im the center aka Major Studio.

Question: Should it not be a Group that I would have been better to create?

Tks so much for your help.
Now, what's next please?