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Hello whitst, my name is Daniel.

1) FYI, as I did the same a few years ago, here is what I did:

PDF guide

I went to this directory at:


and I did the self-paced training classes slowly and thouroughly. However, have a deeper look at it as I think the udemy tutorial is not up to date

Gettting my way

IYet, i may sound tedious at the beginning to do exercises and take this kind of training tutorial class, yet, day by day, a little bit by little bit, I learned "the tiki way"

Just don't get discourage and do a little bit every day and you will succeed.

And yes, I also printed the whole pdf manual, page by page for reference purpose.


whitst, remember to help as well. If your good at it, meaning that this community is users involment driven and everyone helps each others, get involved. What I did and this is what I suggest you to do too, is subscribe to the user developers group via Sourceforge. See:


Another place to be involved

Join a team at: http://tiki.org/Teams

2) And while I'm at it: Here is my question
How do I set the control editing options users see

Setting what the user sees and uses when editing a page

Re documentation of "How to modify and adjust the look and feel" of the "editing options" when we are into a page and we edit something, where can I find the info?

Here is what I mean: When we use tiki and we are in edit mode, per example this post allows me to make the text look better by adding bold, italic, underline, crossed letters and add also a smily face if I want to.

I went to: tiki-admin.php?page=textarea and could not find what I need to do

Per example, where do I add the functionality of the "Toggle Highlighter" (like I see here on this editing space bellow this editing space? Etc.