Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

I can't run 2 or more websites in the same installation

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I have a problem here. The first: I start a installation of tikiwiki 1.8 with 2 domains (domainA and domainB). Change the db/local.php for my new to domais like:

Well, when i start the first install, all run ok (db, etc) but when i start the SECOND i find some problems like:

1) I need to change the default DB install because the script can't understand the data in local.php
2) When I start the second domain, the server respond the same page of the first domain.

Anyone can help me with this question?

Regards from Brazil
Paulino Michelazzo

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I believe UserPagegeorge.geller has a link from it for a recipe multi tiki or something along those lines.


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