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Re: Re: Using Google Sheets / Docs interactively

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Google Charts are nice and easy to use indeed.


  • If you are behind the firewall, the charts don't work because you can't access Google
  • Tiki has Long Term Support versions (up to 5 years) and Google makes changes and improvements regularly, and at some point, deprecates older APIs, and thus, charts in LTS Tikis may break. (This has happened for Google Maps)
  • It's work to integrate and I prefer to use energy to a fully FOSS solution.

What I have in mind is to bundle d3.js to generate charts like we have with R ( http://r.tiki.org/ ) but all self-contained in Tiki.

We can evolve Tiki with newer versions of D3 but LTS versions will just keep the D3 code from when that version was released (only update if security issues)

Can you evaluate http://d3js.org/ and tell me:

  1. Is there anything Google Chart does that D3 doesn't?
  2. Is there anything out there more complete / interesting that D3?


M ;-)