Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

over 128MB usage and 96% cpu usage

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tiki-editpage.php is using excessive resources when editing a 458,918 byte file.

It displays a message: Fatal error: allowed memory size of 13422177728 bytes exhausted ..... in installer/installlib.php

The host sent me a screenshot showing the page has used up to 96.2% of the cup capacity of the shared hosting I am on. They disabled the site, but I got them to re-enable it so I could demonstrate lower cpu usage.

I have deleted most of the content on the page, and plan on introduce and index across multiple pages, but I dont know if it will work and there is still the problem of a file less than half a mb using over 128 and overloading the servers cpu cycles.

There is two people watching the page and one one email was sent out. I wonder if part of the issue is "watch" related? It sends two copies of the texts when it emails.

.5mb for original doc.
1 mb per email = 2 mb
total =< 2.5mb....


Any ideas on if there is feature sets that use up a lot of resources? Can some be disabled?

I can share the page that has caused so much distress if need be.


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That does sound quite strange, and indeed rather bad.

Which version of Tiki is this on?
Is this in WYSIWYG mode (and if so html or wiki)? (because once a page is loaded into tiki-editpage.php the server shouldn't be doing anything else (hmm, except auto save posts i guess - could be that...)

And it's only this one page causing trouble, right? Would need to see the source of the page to try and recreate it to test - maybe join us on IRC and we can try and work out what's gone wrong.



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Sorry for the delayed response. My site and domain got banned from my current host and at the time I was super busy. Now I have some time to help troubleshot and want to get the site back up and running. I want to move to blue host, but don't want to upload a site that will just crash there servers as well.

Turns out it was worse than I initially knew. My account because of the edit page was continually using more than 100% of system resources (or so they say) and brought the shared server to a halt. I have seen the server cpu cycles percent charts and they say that it was tiki-editpage.php that was using all of it.

I have been using tiki version 12.0 LTS.
WYSIWYG is NOT enabled. I don't like the code it makes :-)

I will see if I can figure out how to join the IRC.

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Large pages will consume more resources. With the various manipulations, Tiki ends up having multiple copies of the content in memory. PHP also has a overhead of memory management.

Tiki improved memory usage significantly with recent releases, but it mostly affect the page views. Writes are generally heavy processes to make sure the reads can be efficient. PHP also has improvements with later versions and Tiki 12 runs smoothly over PHP 5.5.

User watches may be your issue. They are known to be hungry and are being redesigned for Tiki 13. However, it might not help your case with large pages.

There are a few rules of thumb about high memory usage, like the calendar module being extremely heavy, but when it comes to figuring out what the issue really is, there is nothing quite like profiling the application. This cannot be done on the server as you need additional developer tools.

Which version of Tiki are you using?