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I just split up a large page into a structure.

I want to show a TOC at the top of the page like maketoc was doing before, but the wiki page is spread across several pages now. How do I generate a TOC that is silar to the way it was presenting its self before I split the page up?

TOC only generates a strucure based on the pages in the structure.

MAKETOC only generates a structure based on the headers.

I want to generate a toc structure based on the headings over the several pages, like a book.

I could list the pages with maketoc and specify the page that the toc should be created from, then list several, but cant figure out how to do it.


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I don't think there's an easy way to automatically create a table of contents that includes both the page name in a structure (like the TOC plugin) and the headings in each page (like the MAKETOC plugin).

You might be able to do this by using the pagename attribute in the TOC plugin and manually identify each page. If there aren't too many pages in the structure it shouldn't be too difficult. Please see the docs for details.


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posts: 84435
Thanks. I tried using pagename in TOC, but it only shows the substructure of the pages under the page name given, not the header structure. So it displays nothing in my case. I might have to just type the Table of Contents out by hand.