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Menu method selection

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Tiki Wiki provides a number of choices to implement menus. The documentation states "In Tiki you can use the admin-menus panel, or a wiki page, or a structure to create a custom menu. " It also talks about bootstrap, superfish and suckerfish, which I am yet to understand.

What I intend to achieve is :
a Topbar menu with items for Anonymous users to use (basic informatiom and contact us etc)
a Main Menu placed on the left in place of the default main menu, which offers menu options that depend on the group or groups the registered user belongs to.

Which method would you recommend for the Main Menu.

I do understand the Fixed and Dynamic Expanded/Collapsed options.

I am using LTS Version 12.4

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For your Main Menu, simply use the same process to create the menu. But for each menu option, you can specify the group(s) that should have access to that option. 

If a user is not in that group, they won't see the option.  See the docs for details.

You may also find my Beginner's Guide useful.



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