Change Names of Plugins?

I've been developing an intranet site for this smaller company. Everything is set up and installed as it is running smoothly. After a few meetings, there are things that pop up that the coordinators and directors would like to either change or implement into this project.

One of those things is to change the names of the plugins we have on TikiWiki such as “File Galleries”, “Trackers”, and “Articles”. Am I able to change the names of these? Right now, where the forms lie is in “File Galleries”. This is very confusing for new users that have no idea about TikiWiki and completely new to it. We cannot expect them to know that File Galleries actually refers to our company's forms, as well as for Trackers refers to the employee directory. I’ve been looking into changing these plugin names but can’t seem to find anything.

Anyone that can answer this question or can direct me to the right place?



 Hello NextGenBassMusic,

I think, it would not be a good idea to rename features like "File Galleries", "Trackers" or "Articles" to meet an individual use case, as they meet general needs.

Example "File Galleries"

This is a feature to generally store files in an arbitrary number of optionally nested directory alike structures.

In your specific use case you want to store "only" or "mainly" downloadable forms and thus name the whole feature "Forms".

What if you later wanted to use to "File Galleries" to store images or pdf-files with informations or other kinds of files? Would you expect to find "images" in a feature called "Forms"?

This makes no sense.

Better you create a navigation menu and label the menu item "Forms" whilstbeing a link to the actual file gallery where you store the downloadable forms and provide for your customers.

Next and even better step

Use a wikipage named "Forms" or "Forms to download".

On this wikipage you can put a wikiplugin listing either the content of a file gallery (autoupdating) or specific files or all files wiuth a certain category etc.

See here PluginFiles

So only the administrators and editors would have to know the deeper functions of Tiki (what they SHOULD know), but your endusers and customers just get a menu-link to forms and find the forms on a page called "Forms".

This is much much easier for everybody than to rename a general feature to a very specific and likely temporary applying use case.

Similar with Trackers

You can use "Trackers" to create an employees directory. But you can use trackers for a sheer endless number of different things aswell. and likely you wiull start to do that one day.

The standart Tracker view is very administrator centric and likely to confuse endusers and customers.

Avoid to let non-admins and non-skilled-editors to any need to view the trackers directly.

Create tracker forms and tracker-tables with Tracker related wikiplugins on wikipages and set the Trackers to limit visibility to administrators - non-tracker-admins shall be send to the proper wikipages which represent the enduser frontend.

You can setup a wikipage called "Empoyee Directory" and put a wikiplugin trackerlist on it (or use the advanced wikiplugin list).

There is no reason to rename features. You simply want to create a UX for non-tecchie endusers, which is just simply possible by configuring Tiki.

Another hint:

As this is a company project, you should calculate the time for setting up yourself as company's staff (time equals employees wages quals costs).

A company should always consider to hire a consultant to support the own staff. A consultant can help you setting up and configure, do general consulting and service design with you. A consultant saves you time and money as he/she knows Tiki well enough (ok, most of us do, but maybe not all of us. so you must have the magic touch to find the right one).

Please never forgetthat FreeOpenSource does not mean to get everything free of charge. The software is free and for company the biggest financial aset is not to get services for free, but to save a lot on not buying the software and not having to pay licence fees - especialy no per-user based fees.
Still you need consultants and traiuners for FreeOpenSource same as for Proprietary Software.

Don't expect free beer, but save money by gainig freedom. A good consultant helps your company for that.

Best regards,

Wow, thank you for this phenomenal advice. I will try to take your thoughts into consideration.

I would like to open a WikiPage just dedicated to our company "Forms" page like you suggested. I have looked into PluginFile and how to set this up within WikiPages. This (PluginFile Link), has given me a start but I don't know how to get this plugin to activate on this page. I've got a headstart but I don't if I have done this right and if it is, how to use the plugin through WikiPages. Please let me know.

Thank you.


Hello NextGenBassMusic,

in your Screenshot you are using the PluginFile , but you need the PluginFiles . Please mind the "s"; that are two different plugins.

One is for a single file and the other one is for file galleries or parts of them.

Try it the easy way and then you deeper into details:

  • setup a file gallery and put in there a number of example files. File gallery Id=X (actually your system will give it a number like 5 or 6 or 27 or whatever)


  • Mind the following settings:
    Gallery is visible to non-admin users
    Gallery is unlocked - Users with upload permission can add files to the gallery (not just the gallery owner)
    Respect permissions for backlinks to view a file +


  • Create a wikipage named FileGallery and put in the following line:
    {files galleryId="X"}

    but replace the X with the number of your newly created (and not empty!!!) file gallery


  • see what happens and report here

Happy days,

Hi Torsten,


I think it is working now and I'm happy. I have named my Wiki Page "File Gallery" and my uploaded my forms called "Form Example". I have added '{files galleryId="28"}' to the Wiki Page. The screenshots I have added to show you what I've done.

I think this might be the easiest and cleanest way to present and organize our forms. However, I don't like the fact that the user would have to go through all of the previously created Wiki Pages to find our company "Forms" page linked to the File Gallery. I guess the search toolbar at the top is helpful though.

All this is great, but I still have the issue of the user going into "Wiki" on the left of the navigation menu without them knowing that the forms are on that page.  I wanted to assign the name "Forms" on the left of the navigation bar so it goes directly to our company forms from there.

I appreciate your assistance with this,



United States

If you're trying to improve your users' navigation experience, why not simply create a new menu with a FORMS option that links directly to the page? Please see the docs for details on creating custom menus, or you may find my primer helpful.


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create and edit menus / menu items:

http://yourdomain.com/tiki-adminmenus.php /tiki-adminmenus.php

apply and edit module_menu:

http://yourdomain.com/tiki-adminmodules.php /tiki-adminmodules.php => Mind to use the Module named Menu (systemname module_menu => for a menu you need the menu Id => for a wikistructure (maybe not feasible in this specific use case) you nee the structure Id or the name of the wiki page from which you created the wikistructure, which can be used instead of the structure Id => for a menu in the left or right column use type=vert => for a menu in the topbar or header or pagetop use type=horiz => use either bootstrap=y for a bootstrap alike looking and behaving behaving menu or css=y for a classic css menu => if your users usually block JavaScript, you should use css=y (bootstrap=n), cause Bootstrap Menus need JavaScript active


Another possibility is to "translate" the feature names. All of the interface text in Tiki can be translated. Usually the translation is from one language to another, but you can also "translate" one term to another within a language.

On the i18n (internationalization) admin page - tiki-admin.php?page=i18n - under the "Customized String Translation" tab, you'll see a table for English (if that's your site's default language). You can enter a term in the left, like "File galleries" and its translation on the right, where you could enter "Company forms" for example. To know what terms are available for translation (the text match must be exact), you might need to check the file lang/en/language.php. Then you'll probably need to clear your caches for the change to take effect.

This may not be the best way to go, as Torsten described. But it could be worth a try and it's easy to revert by just removing the translation items at the above admin page.

-- Gary - zukakakina.com