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Dear folks, I am trying to add an image to the top of our Tiki site, what I am trying to accomplish is to visually match, or at least come close to look and feel, to our forum site.
Please see our live Tiki site at The Patriot Woodwiki
Please see our live Forums site at The Patriot Woodworker
You will see the wood grain at the top of our Forum site, I am trying to apply the wood grain image to our Tiki site as well. Is this possible?
I have tried to locate a way through Firefox developer mode, I found the shadow.css line to change the background color of our site through the Firefox developer, but the background top strip of wood grain I am having a hard time with making that happen, any help is greatly appreciated.

Site theme: Tikenewt
Site theme option: Shadow



You can assign the wood grain image to your Tiki site's body tag. I noticed from checking the sites with my browser's DOM inspector that the image is 3099 by 1012 pixels. Something like this should work, in custom CSS or in your style sheet:

body {background: #3D5E78 url("http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/uploads/monthly_2015_08/dark_wood.jpg.972a7229d619d6bbd15519dedf9972c8.jpg") no-repeat center -812px;}

This takes care of the gray overall background color and specifies the URL for the image (I copied the URL from the DOM inspector view of the forums page, so it should bechanged as needed). The image shouldn't repeat (tile), and the "center" and "-812px" will position it horizontally centered and with a negative top margin of  812 pixels to lift it up so it's only in the page header area. Just guessing on the -812px, though. You can adjust this as needed.

Post back if this doesn't work.

-- Gary


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Gary! That worked beautifully! Have a look see at The Patriot Woodwiki

The only thing I did was modifed the html background color to the beige, the color you had in your code displayed the default software blue for our forum software.  And I learned something new by looking at the code you provided, thanks for that!

I also adjusted the 812 to 786 and it matches perfectly our forum site. I am very excited :-)

The two sites look somewhat harmonious now, it's coming together! Thanks again Gary for your time and help. I greatly appreciate it.