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Features / Usability

Images with Drawing (svg draw module) do not show image on popup / zoom

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I was just trying out different img options for when I start moving my content over to my new wiki and really love the "draw" on image feature for marking up images but just noticed a problem I cannot figure out. If I have an image and add a drawing to it and it gets converted (behind the scenes I guess) to SVG it shows ok using the img tag but with the rel=box feature when you click on the image and the popup larger view shows it only is showing the drawing overlay and not the image below. I have tried differnt popup options (mouse over, zoom, etc) and they all do the same. Using v14 with the Fivealive light theme. This is a minor thing since plain images show correctly but I definitely would like to use some drawings to point out things in some images.

Wiki page with image / drawing:
Screenshot 2015 09 01 18.48.00

Image popup when the image is clicked. Doesn't show underlying image, just drawing layer:
Screenshot 2015 09 01 18.48.09