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Remember Position in simple navigation

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Hello, me again.

I have another problem with the navigation. Right now, we neither use the bootstrap nor the superfish navigation.

The problem with the bootstrap navigation is the flat structure, which i don't get, because event bootstrap itself has examples with deep linking navigations... but okay.

The problem with the superfish is, we don't want this hover effect. We just have too much sites, so that half of the display would be full with sub menues.

I already posted this problem, where the conclusion was, that we should use the "standard" menue.

That is, more or less what we were looking for, but one point is annoys me.

When we have a navigation like this:
- categorie one
- - sub categorie one
- - - sub sub categorie one
- - - - example page

and you click on the example page, the site gets called and the whole navigation collapses. As a result, the user is not able to know exactly where he is, where he was, or what other sites are in the sub sub categorie, he is simply... lost.

Is there a solution for this? Is it possible to remember which pages where opened in the navigation?


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Hello Björn,

sadly you did create a new thread, so I cannot read back, wether you wanted to use the wiki structures or not.

You have two options to play with:

1. Module Menu
2. Custom Module

In both options you could try two things:

1. set bootstrap=n AND css=n (css=y menu option means the use of superfish)
2. if you use a menu instead of a structure, in the menu administration, when you edit the menu (not the menu items), there is a dropdown wether you want to collapse the menu by default or not

Please report here.


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Hello Torsten, thanks for the fast reply!

I want to use the structures, they are a really nice feature and make it possible for us to export our old menu structures and import them into tiki wiki.

I did deactive bootstrap and superfish menus, both with "n".

And the "type" or "style" of menu i get now, is more or less exactly what i want! 


To better describe my problem i made two screenshots.

Here i navigated down our structure, to open the site "FindFirst". 


When i click on the menu entry, the site openes as expected, but, the state of the menu is not saved, so that i get this:


The whole navigation is on its root point. The user does not know where the site was, or has to click through the whole process to get there again.


So my problem or question is, is it possible to "save" the state of the navigation, like in a single page application?