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Re: Re: Tiki Wiki Feedback

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Hey Gary,

first, thanks for the fast reply, it actually helped me.

Jear, the download links aren't very prominent or eyecatching. This might be an issue.I looked at different sites and saw different ways to come to the download section.

With the HTML Mode settings i mean, you have tons of settings which ar partly shattered through the menus. Like:

Html Mode

Full Html Mode

Wysiwyg is optional

Parse Wiki Syntax

HTML Cleaner



If you search in the admin Panel for "html" you will get a taste of what i mean. I don't know what is the right way to get all the settings which belong together, it is just something which bothered me.

The thing with the bootstrap menu is good to know! I searched for it and the only relevant source was a plugin which enables sub menus.

And yes, we use the normal (non Bootstrap, non Superfish) menus.

That the tiki is evolving and activly develop is a thing which i really like (who would not) and i can understand that some things, get a bit strange over the times. I mean, you don't develop and refactor each plugin every day. Who would do this?

And as i wrote, i don't want to offend anybody here, i really like tiki wiki, and even more if i compare the features of tiki wiki with other wiki softwares, so i hope that i might help with the feedback.


But i have a last question, regarding the urls. Is it possible to set independent urls for wiki pages? 

We have the use case, that we want to automatically link your "F1"-help function to the belonging wiki page. Therefore the url has to be "static". Is there a... feature? Plugin? Something else? So that we could reach a page always with the same url, without the fear of a changed title?