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Userid vs eMail for login

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My CMS is in close to being ready to take a number of users.
I started with a few people to try it out and used the email as login option as it seemed to be simpler. But it would seem to require people having a stable email address, and some people change them from time to time.

I am taking over a newsletter email distribution list provided as name and email address. I could simply ignore the the name and import only the email addresses, but many of the people will also become registered users and be assigned to one or more groups. Also, the distribution would not be done to the person's name if I understand correctly. The next newsletter (my first) should be distributed on Nov 1 and I suppose I could initially import the the addresses, and later delete the email addresses and then add the people as registered users and then reimport them from their groups.

So I am wondering if, at this early stage, whether it would be better to change from email address to userid for login.