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Features / Usability

Doubts on how to populate the shared address book

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Hi all:

I'm trying to create a shared address book, so I would like to populate the tiki_webmail_contacts table.

1) What is the meaning of the field user? Is it the user who typed the contact in the address book?
2) To share an address within a group of users, is it enough ti populate the tiki_webmail_contacts_groups table?
3) is there a way to do it via CVS or UI? Or should I do it directly via phpMyAdmin?
4) is there a way to show the tiki-webmail_contacts.php?element=to with theme format? Now I can only see in ugly HTML. (See screenshot)

Also and a bit off topic, how can I hide the "Wiki Page after send" part in tiki-webmail.php?locSection=compose#?

Many thanks,