Re: Aw: i18n not changing automatically to the desired language

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Hi Bernard and Torsten:

I managed to copy the DB into a new DB, copied all exiosting Tiki files into a new folder, changed the credentials at local/db.php and run www.mydomain.com/NEWtikifolder/tiki-install.php
Typed the credentials of the new DB and found this error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Tiki_Security_Policy in /home4/myuserid/public_html/mydomain.com/OLDtikifolder/lib/init/smarty.php on line 89

Funny thing, error is pointing to OLD fodler (where the production site is running), not the NEW one. So somehow the new installed version is still looking for some hard setting somewhere pointing to the real site, not this test one.

I also changed the .htaccess RewriteBase /NETtikifolder but still looking into the wrong place.

What could it be? Many things not working as supposed, something must be bad or corrupted somewhere...

Yes, I'm fully aware of data disclosure risks. That's why I want to create a clone site but with much less info in it, so I don't run any risk about information leakage :-) But thanks for double checking it!!!