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Tiki User Reports Broken 15.x

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Hey everyone,

I am currently having an issue where daily reports are not being sent in my tiki 15 installation.

Things that seem to be working:
1. Tiki_user_reports_cache, is being updated correctly when a change is made to a watched page.
2. Tiki_user_reports, is being updated correctly to show when an email has been theoretically sent
3. My Cron Job works, I get an email every time it executes
4. The server is able to send email, I used the test email option in the installer and correctly received an email

After investigation into the cron job executing I see the following error consistently:

More than one "from" person

After doing some research, everything I could find about this lead me to believe that I had an incorrect flag in the php.ini set for the sendmail_path. When I looked into this I found that only the default php configuration was flagged for this particular parameter.

sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i

I was able to isolate the error to this particular line in the Send.php function located in lib/core/Reports/


What is really confusing for me is, I have 2 sites running off of this server. One is a production site using tiki 14.x and the other is a development site using 15.x. I am only having email issues with the 15.x version. Have there been many changes in how email for daily reports is handled in 15.x? At this point I am stumped. Could someone shed some light on how exactly the daily reports interact with the php mail functions and how I could possibly be getting this More than one "from" person error?

Thanks for anyone who can help,

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I was able to get the mail working by changing from sendmail to SMTP in the email settings on the server. This does still not explain why sendmail does not work. If anyone has any insight as to why sendmail is broken it would be appreciated.