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Newsletters and Outlook

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Hey everyone,

I am having an issue with newsletters not populating emails correctly in Outlook. I have a content template for newsletters built off of html. When I send newsletters out to my users everything is fine for Gmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail, ect. The html template displays correctly. However, anyone using outlook receives the html template as an attachment. ATT00001.htm which can be previewed on desktop clients and downloaded on outlook online. Could anyone provide some insight as to how to configure my newsletter so it shows up correctly in outlook?


For reference

GMAIL : http://imgur.com/7DLWSpO
OUTLOOK : http://imgur.com/TLxMqK2

EDIT: I am under the impression that this could be an issue with exchange and outlook being generally terrible. Could someone confirm that has dealt with similar issues?

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I'm having this issue as well. Where you able to find a solution?

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