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Send Newsletter sends to only one subscriber

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Tikiwiki V15
Throttle is 6 mails every 120 seconds

I send a newsletter every month to 200+ subscribers. It has been working fine until today.
When I try to send it gets sent to only one subscriber, the second in alphabetical order. The second attempt had identical results.

The only change has been the upgrade from V12.6 to V15.0.

Has anyone else had or not had newsletter sending problems with V15?

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I have added a simple bug report. I would try and learn to provide the more informative methods but am away from my PC with only a phone/tablet which makes it hard to learn and submit them.

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An upgrade to V15.1 allowed the Send Newsletters function appear to work, but the only successful sends are to emails at the same domain as the Tikiwiki site's domain.
Unless the webhost has done something without notifying me the only change to the system has been the upgrades 14.6 > 15.0 > 15.1.

I have now upgraded to 15.2 and will send a test newsletter to see if the problem still occurs.