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Problem in User Preferences

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Hi all,

I'm using Tiki 14.2 and the feature Messages is activated.

In the message settings "Users accept internal messages by default" is checked and
"Users can opt-out of internal messages" is checked.

The problem:
Under the "User Preferences" of a user and having "Allow messages from other users" checked (tab "Preferences"), I input the needed information under the "Personal Information" tab. For instance, I select a country for the user and put information on aditional fields that I added.

Then I click on "Save Changes". Then the added/changed information is saved. But, when I go to the tab "Preferences" the "Allow messages from other users" is unchecked.

Again I check "Allow messages from other users" and click on "Save Changes". Then I go to the tab "Personal Information" and see that the country I've selected previously is no more selected (I can selected it again) and the information I've entered previously in the additional fields have been removed.

The try multiple times the process and with multiple users with the same result.

Have you an idea what is going wrong ??

Thank you for your help in advance,

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Hi Manel
Please, can you test it in some Tiki 15 at http://demo.tiki.org , for instance?
And if the bug is still in 15.x, can you please add a bug report about it, linking to the steps to reproduce the issue wherever you demonstrated the issue? (in demo.t.o, or in the show.t.o linked to you bug report, etc)