Re: Moving the comments box on wiki pages

Okay, so using what you showed me, I found the article which explained how to use it (https://themes.tiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Template%20Tricks&pagenum=4) and I have just the pages in the specific category behaving correctly in as a layout. I even managed to hide the would-be comments from anonymous users.

  • I had to do an if statement above of the "div class = row row-middle" portion, where I copied the column structure from the "if right nor left is empty", replacing the {modulelist zone=right} with a "comments go here" placeholder. I had to do a complete div class, followed by an else statement and the div class as it was defined in the original.

Now if I can just figure out where the comments are being called from.

Thanks for your help. You made two great suggestions (look at the .tpl's and use the category limiter) that pointed me in the right direction!