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Architecture / Installation

Broken Images

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Before I installed Tiki 15, I copied the database in the cPanel of my host. I then installed Tiki 15 in a subfolder, upgrading the copied database. Once everything was working the same as Tiki 14, I deleted the Tiki 14 folders (and database), replacing everything with the new installation.

Now, about 1/2 of the thumbnails/smaller images are broken - but only about 1/2 of the time. Sometimes images will be broken, then the next day, they will be working. I have images linked to display a full size image when clicked on, but each image, when resized, doesn't show.

I've attempted to refresh the metadata of the files, but that didn't seem to work. It seems the only solution I've found it to upload a new version of the image, which is rather tedious since I have 2000 images.

I've attached an screenshot of what I'm seeing, and the hard part is, about an hour ago (albeit on a different machine) all of these images were broken. Now only 1/2. I was going to grab another screen shot of ones that were broken yesterday, but today they are all fixed..............