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Re: Re: How put a form and see the results in the tikiwiki page?

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Hi sharma,

Few problems to understand the process ;)

> phpsharma:
> Hi pmichelazzo,
> yes its possible. If you want any extrapage in tikiwiki. you need to add 3 files to tikiwiki.
> lets say ur form is feedback form name of the files that u create shold be.
> tiki-feedback-form.tpl-->this file contains your html form. the action parameter should be respective tiki-feedback-form.php. path of the file should be /templates/

Ok, I create the file and put in the templates directory
> step -2:create a tiki-feedback-form.php and capture all form data here and send it to a library file(lets say feedbackformdata.php in /lib directory) through your database logic which is written in feedbackformdata.php.
Hummm, I can't find the feedbackformdata.php. Is this only an example ?

> step3: create a feedbackformdata.php in library to handle your database functionality(ex:insertion,deletion of your data)
> if you want to see any result call respective .php file..

But how i call the form?
> let me know any feedbacks,

Help please ;)

> sharma

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