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Some of us make a lot of digital knowledge (movies, musics, texts, etc) and post into the personal TikiWiki websites. Some of us, I believe, like to sell this knowledge for a micropayment like 25 or 50 cents.

I use the ))BitPass(( service to make this today but, i don't have idea how I can put this feature in the TikiWiki website.

Is a good or a stupid idea? I easy to create or a hardwork? Exist another service like ))BitPass(( http://www.bitpass.com to make micropayments ?

Comments are welcome.

Regards from Brazil


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First thanks for the link. Gave me some ideas!

Yes it would be easy to include this service into your TW site. They appear to give you links that you could put anywhere in the site. It would be as simple as pasting the link where you want it.

I think that TW would make an excellent venue for this type of marketing.

I would expect there are many services like the one you mention?

My approach and one that would work if you know a bunch of people that want to sell is different. I have set up a store frount that offers "gift certificates". (custom-osCommerce) It works in much the same way but we have more control over our services. You would need a few dozen artists to make this worth while.

Unfortunatly this takes it out of the TW but I do see at least a thought of a TikiWiki-osCommerce connection.

A couple of thoughts, James

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