increasing default font size for wiki text

I'm using the default theme.
is there a easy way?

if there isn't do I just manually change the related file manually? and which file is it?
thank you.

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fastah, a very easy way indeed is available.
Firstly, do you know how to use element inspect by Firefox, or some other element inspection application?
if you do not, let me know.

If you do know how to use it, find the font area you want to manipulate, then copy past the code into your Custom CSS at admin/themes control panel under customization tab. Or tiki-admin.php?page=look#contentadmin_look-5

if your code is good, it will over ride your theme css files. It's best to modify your themes via Custom CSS over rides, because if you modify the actual theme files, when you upgrade your Tiki, your theme mods will be lost.



To be a bit more specific, do you want to increase all text size at your site? Or just the text in wiki pages? In either case, as John says, you can add a custom CSS rule on the Look & Feel admin page. If for the whole site, then you can add

body { font-size: 16px; }

in the Custom CSS text area on Look & Feel admin (or 15px or 17px, etc. - whatever looks good to you).

If it's only wiki page text that you want to increase the size of, then add

.wikitext { font-size: 16px; }

As John said, you can use a DOM inspector to identify the relevant page parts, in order to know what the CSS rule such as those above should apply to (such as "body" or ".wikitext"). This inspector is one of the tools that come with pretty much every web browser.

-- Gary

Thank you very much. You've been very helpful!

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