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Blank Attachments after Import


I build and configured my Tiki installation on XAMPP on Windows Server 2012 R2. It was kind of slow so I have now migrated the installation to Ubuntu 17 and NGINX.

Everything is working much faster now except that all of the attachments on my wiki pages are blank. They are stored outside of the database in a folder inside of the tiki installation folder. Tiki still acknowledges that the attachments are there and it will try to download them but the files that you download are completely blank. I have checked the contents of the attachment files on the server by manually adding extensions to them and opening them. All of the data is still there but it is being lost somewhere in the process of downloading them from Tiki.

I have checked the permissions on these files and everything appears to be correct.

I have checked the mysql table "tiki_wiki_attachments" and the entries for all of the attachments are still present and correct.

I had a similar problem with files within the file galleries but running "sh setup.sh" fixed those.

Any ideas on how to correct the attachments?


Using the Github repository I was able to search for "download=y" in the source code and found 2 instances of it. One in /lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_attach.php and one in /templates/attachments.tpl.

After removing the &download=y from both of these files. My attachments are working again. I would still like feed back from anyone that has any about:

Why this problem occurred?
Why removing the download argument from the URL/source code resolved the issue?
What does the download argument do?
Are there any problems that will result from the removal of the download argument from the code?

Any help is much appreciated

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