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Hello :-)

I would provide with pleasure for a project a side and in addition clickable graphics as a menu
or integrate navigation. So I have graphics and in it, e. g. , three areas are
(Pixel / vectors) which refer by click to another internal side. So in the kind:

File: Hauptseite. png|750px
rect 33 33 957 175 processes
rect 997 33 1923 175 [[IT systems]]
rect 33 217 1923 359 examples

I have already tried this with image Map, however, became either the complete graphics with
to a link expelled to another side ( there is an error message, that the side
is not accessible) or the picture is absent, however, for it the single click elements are visible.
Does somebody have perhaps a tip?


Many greetings

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PluginAnnotation permits to add annotations which can be clickable. Tiki 15.x or later is a lot better than older versions.

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