Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Database Problem (I'm assuming)

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I'm having trouble saving certain things, such as pages with a large amount of text AND a H5P plugin and certain features in the admin panel, such as turning off (or on) the InterTiki feature or changing the amount of times a user can try to login before failure (among others).
However, I can save small pages with an H5P plugin or large text pages without and create new users ... etc.

Saving pages simply times out and admin feature selection just reloads the page without the change (and no change in the database via PHPmyAdmin).

I just upgraded to Tiki17 last week. Not sure where to go from here...

Edit: I have two tikis on the same server (one in a subfolder, one in the main folder) and both are showing the same behavior.

Edit II: If I search for a feature in the admin panel, I can make and save changes, but not in the "regular" admin pages.