Problem with wiki pages in 1.8

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Hi there,

I'm in the process of moving my site from 1.7.4 to the 1.8 version of tiki and everything seams to go smothly except for the Foruns:

Notice: Undefined index: forum_last_n in /htdocs/tikiwiki-1.8.2/tiki-view_forum.php on line 721

and for the wiki pages:

Warning: mysql error: Unknown column 'page_ref_id' in 'field list' in query:
select `page_ref_id` from `tiki_structures` ts, `tiki_pages` tp where ts.`page_id`=tp.`page_id` and (`parent_id` is null or `parent_id`=0) and `pageName`=?
in /tikiwiki-1.8.2/lib/tikidblib.php on line 133
Array ( 0 => HomePage )
$result is false
$result is empty

I had used both comments_fix_1.7to1.8.sql and tiki_1.7to1.8.sql files to update the database,

Any hint on this?

thanks a lot in advance

Luís Pedro

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Hi There!

You may need to use the tiki_1.7-1.8 file again a second time after the comments fix has run.

Ive heard reports of that, but I believe it to be fixed in the 1.8.2/3 releases


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It seems you missed the structures fix. Run the whole thing again from your backup DB.

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Hi there,

I've tried all the approaches sugested here and the problem continues like before frown

Anyway, thansks very much to all of you that have tried to help.


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Please ignore my last post. Indeed I've missed the structures fix from structure_fix_1.7to1.8.sql file.

Everything seams to be working fine now biggrin

Many thanks for the hints.